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Code Specific Area report

BimOffis: Your Trusted Partner for Code Specific Area Reports via BIM

At BimOffis, we are the premier code specific area report providing company, through the power of Building Information Modeling (BIM). Our expertise lies in delivering accurate and comprehensive NEN 2580 measurement reports that comply with the standards and guidelines set by NEN in the Netherlands. Whether you are a property owner, renter, or involved in a property acquisition deal, our NEN 2580 measurement report can be invaluable for you.

What is The NEN 2580 Measurement Report?

The NEN 2580 measurement report offers a detailed insight into the floor area and content of a room or building. It encompasses various types of surface areas of a property, ensuring equivalence and minimizing uncertainties. By obtaining a NEN 2580 measurement report, you can rest assured that you have precise dimensions of your property.

Our Comprehensive NEN 2580 Measurement Report Includes:

Clear Visualization of Building Layers: We provide a clear and detailed visualization of your property’s building layers to enhance understanding.

Explanation of Work Performed: Our Code specific area report includes a comprehensive explanation of the measurement process carried out by our skilled professionals.

Clear Measurement Statement: The report presents a precise measurement statement, indicating the distribution or status of each room.

Definitions of Technical Terms: We include easy-to-understand definitions of technical terms and processes used in the report.

Why Choose BimOffis for NEN 2580 Measurement?

At BimOffis, the leading code specific report provider, you get benefits from the expertise of a trusted and experienced BIM company. Our team is well-versed in performing NEN 2580 measurements using advanced 3D laser scanning technology. Having delivered over 100k NEN reports, we ensure strict adherence to the NEN 2580 definitions and standards.

Who Can Benefit from NEN 2580 Measurement?

The NEN 2580 measurement is valuable for both residential and commercial property stakeholders. For renters and property owners, the measurement certificate helps define accurate rental costs. Commercial property owners can determine the value of their building, while shared office spaces benefit from fair distribution of accommodation costs among users.

When is NEN 2580 Measurement Required?

As per the Buildings Mandate, NEN 2580 measurement is legally required for residential spaces. While it is not mandatory for commercial spaces yet, many companies have made it a necessity for their members. Regardless of legal obligations, NEN 2580 serves as a robust foundation for successful negotiations and distribution matters during contract preparation and rental reviews.

Opt for BimOffis, the premier Code-Specific Report Company:

At BimOffis, we provide complete 2D-floor plans, IFC files, and NEN-2580 calculations based on accurate measurements, ensuring swift and precise NEN-2580 measurements. Our competitive rates and quick turnaround make us your reliable partner for NEN 2580 measurement reports. If you need to measure the surface area of your property, contact us at and experience our seamless BIM solutions.


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Navigate through complex building codes effortlessly with our Code Specific Area Reports. Our team of experts conducts thorough research and analysis to compile comprehensive reports, enabling you to make informed choices and avoid compliance issues. Trust our expertise for a successful project outcome.

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