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Rebar Modeling

Enhancing Concrete Reinforcement with Expert Rebar Detailing

Welcome to BimOffis, your premier destination in New York for accurate and data-driven rebar detailing services. We excel in providing comprehensive solutions, including rebar estimation work, fabrication drawings, rebar shop drawings, and bar bending schedule details. Leveraging cutting-edge tools and software, we tailor our work to meet the unique requirements of your project.

Our rebar detailing services elevate existing designs, making them more robust and reliable. By employing the latest and advanced detailing techniques and adhering to industry standards, we empower project owners and contractors to achieve excellence.

Unparalleled Rebar Detailing Expertise

At BimOffis the top-notch Reber Modeling Company, we have earned a reputation as one of the leading rebar detailing service providers in New York. Our exceptional team of rebar detailers possesses vast experience, confidently handling projects of all sizes that demand concrete reinforcement detailing services.

Precise Rebar Detailing Drawings and 3D Modeling

With over a decade of experience, we guarantee 100% accuracy and consistency in our rebar design and detailing services. Our meticulous work adheres to a list of industry standards, including CRSI, ASTM, RSIO, ACI, and AASHTO, ensuring the success of each project we undertake.

Comprehensive Support Throughout the Project

Our structural reinforcement rebar detailing services provide full-fledged support from the project’s initiation to its completion. The requirements of RCC contractors, structural engineers, rebar fabricators, steel erectors, and numerous other architectural industry stakeholders are met by our deliverables, which also include rebar estimating and detailing.

Wide Range of Rebar Detailing Services

As a leading rebar detailing outsourcing company, we offer a range of reinforcement detailing solutions that are customized to the particular needs of your project. Our services include:

  • Concrete Wall, Stair, and Slab Rebar Detailing
  • Staircase Rebar Detailing
  • Retaining Wall Rebar Detailing
  • Beam and Column Rebar Detailing
  • Asset Assembly 2D Rebar Detailing
  • Footing Detailing
  • Bar Listing in ASA Format
  • Rebar 2D & 3D Modeling
  • Bar Bending Schedules
  • Rebar Estimating Services
  • Rebar 3D Model
  • Rebar Shop Drawings
  • Rebar Quantity Take-Offs
  • Grade Beam Detailing
  • Foundation Detailing
  • Following International Standards

To ensure the utmost quality, we adhere to renowned international standards, including:

  • AASHTO – American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials
  • ACI – American Concrete Institute
  • ASTM – American Society for Testing and Materials
  • BS – British Standard
  • CRSI – Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute
  • RSIO – Reinforcing Steel Institute of Ontario

Get in touch with one of our knowledgeable and professional Rebar Detailers to outsource a venture that requires Rebar Detailing Services. Together, we will elevate your concrete reinforcement to new heights of excellence.


Precision & Detail

Accurate and detailed deliverables for successful projects.


Seamless Collaboration

Streamlined communication among stakeholders.


Time & Cost Savings

Optimize processes, stay on


Cutting-Edge Tech

Embrace innovation, exceed expectations.

Experience reinforced concrete structures at their best with our Rebar Modeling service. Our accurate and data-rich models simplify coordination, reduce rework, and ensure compliance with design standards. Elevate your construction projects with our reliable rebar solutions.

3 Simple Steps to Process

Collaborate with our experts to bring your vision to life. We’ll analyze your requirements, provide valuable insights, and tailor a solution that meets your specific needs. Benefit from our expertise and turn your ideas into a well-planned reality.

Our skilled team of professionals will execute your project with precision and efficiency. From assembling components to integrating systems, we ensure seamless installation, adhering to industry standards and delivering exceptional quality. Sit back and relax as we bring your project to fruition.


We’ll analyze your requirements and provide valuable insights


Execute your project with precision and efficiency


Final Inspection to ensure the highest standards

We leave no stone unturned when it comes to quality assurance. Our meticulous final inspection ensures that every aspect of your project meets the highest standards. We conduct thorough checks, address any minor adjustments, and deliver a finished result that exceeds your expectations.

Customer Benefits​

Experience cost savings, efficient project execution, and peace of mind with our exceptional services.
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