Project Information
2,90,000 Sq. Ft.
AutoCAD, Revit, Lumion
Project Overview:

Architectural BIM service for the Residential building

For their upcoming academy building project, the client needed a comprehensive design and the creation of a 3D model. As the preferred BIM consulting firm, they sought our assistance due to the project's substantial size. To address these challenges, we utilized Revit software, facilitating efficient collaboration, real-time project updates, and streamlined feedback incorporation.

Project Scope:

  • To develop 3D model of the Architectural system & CGI’s of the Building using BIM software.

What We Did?

  • Recognized as prominent BIM consultants, we have effectively executed an academy building BIM project, demanding extensive data and cutting-edge technology. Employing Revit, we generated 3D models and implemented LOD 400 for the project's scope. The requirements included Architectural BIM service, all of which were skilfully provided by our team of engineers, contributing to the project's success. Additionally, we incorporated Clash Detection to enhance project efficiency, simplicity, and speed.

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Elevate Construction Management

25 Helano, 145 City Road New Town DD14, USA

Elevate Industrial Constructors Inc: Elevate Industrial Fabrication Inc.

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