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1000 Sq. Ft.
Leica cyclone 3DR
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Scan to Mesh Modelling service

  • Mesh modelling from laser scan data is the cutting-edge process of transforming point cloud information into intricate 3D mesh representations using specialized software. This innovative technique allows for precise visualization and analysis of scanned objects or environments across diverse fields such as architecture, archaeology, and engineering. It empowers virtual reconstruction and simulation, unlocking valuable insights previously out of reach through conventional methods.

    Project Scope:

    • Our mission was to develop a high-quality 3D Mesh of a Mosque utilizing Cyclone 3DR Software, leveraging precise point cloud data.

      What we did?

      • We received Drone survey scans in (.las) Format, and using Cyclone 3DR software, we meticulously crafted a mesh model while ensuring texture alignment to match the original scan data accurately.This digital masterpiece breathes new life into old structures, preserving their heritage for generations to come.

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Elevate Construction Management

25 Helano, 145 City Road New Town DD14, USA

Elevate Industrial Constructors Inc: Elevate Industrial Fabrication Inc.

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