Project Information
2,500 Sq. Ft.
Revit, Twinmotion
Project Brief

Architectural BIM service

  • Utilizing our expertise in advanced construction modeling, parametric family creation, and 3D modeling, we offer comprehensive documentation services. With a solid background in architectural design and engineering, we excel at transforming ideas into meticulously crafted projects. Our methodology involves detailed analysis of site plans and locations to ensure solutions perfectly match your vision. Additionally, we provide assessment services for current structures and devise precise demolition and reconstruction plans using cutting-edge BIM software, guaranteeing flawless project execution.

Project Scope

  • To develop 3D model of the architectural system of the building using BIM software, based on the data received from the client.
  • To generate detailed construction drawings, documentation and CGI using BIM software, to facilitate the coordination.

What We Did?

  • At the outset, we utilized Revit software to develop the 3D model for the architectural system, ensuring utmost precision and productivity. Our model encompassed essential information sets such as casework, fixtures, and appliances, alongside other vital elements. Subsequently, we progressed to generating comprehensive construction drawings, documentation, and CGIs to fulfill project requirements.

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Constructed By

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Elevate Construction Management

25 Helano, 145 City Road New Town DD14, USA

Elevate Industrial Constructors Inc: Elevate Industrial Fabrication Inc.

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