Project Information
1,14,120 Square Feet
Revit, Autodesk Recap and Navis work

Architectural BIM service for the Residential building

Residential Building is located in Sydney, Australia. It has a unique architectural style and we as a BimOffis need to renovate it. The building has a distinctive design that makes it stand out from the rest of the cityscape. To capture the existing condition of the building, the team uses a scan to bim service that creates a 3D model of the structure using laser scanning technology. The 3D model allows us to visualize, analyze, and modify the building’s features and systems. It also helps us to detect and solve any problems that might occur during the renovation process. The team hopes to preserve the original style of the building while enhancing its functionality and sustainability.

What we did?

A team of engineers and architects are hired to create a digital twin of a residential building that has no existing blueprints or records. The client used the 3D laser scanner to capture every inch of the structure and transform the raw data into a point cloud that can be manipulated and analyzed. Then we as a BimOffis, import the point cloud into Revit, a powerful software that allows to create a 3D BIM model that represents the building’s geometry, materials, systems, and functions. The model contains each element of the building with different levels of detail and accuracy, depending on the project’s scope and specifications. We use Autodesk Navisworks to check for any clashes or inconsistencies between the different disciplines and fix them before delivering the final BIM model to the client. The BIM model is a valuable asset that can be used for renovation, maintenance, simulation, and visualization purposes.

Output files what we provided:

Project Brief

A Modified Modular Construction Process

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Elevate Construction Management

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Elevate Industrial Constructors Inc: Elevate Industrial Fabrication Inc.

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